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Exciting New Features Go Live!

We are really excited to announce some new features on SmartyPig, many of which came directly from suggestions made by you. First, the list of retail and travel companies we utilize has been updated based on their relevance to your savings goals. More importantly, the maximum cash boost offered by us to you using these retailers’ gift cards has doubled from 6% to 12%, and the options for redemption have been enhanced greatly to offer more flexibility. Lastly, and due to extremely high demand, we’ve added a few alternatives regarding how an individual or family contributes to their goal, as well as a feature that allows you to easily move money from one goal to another. Check it out!

#1 – Enhanced retailers; cash boosts of up to 12%
Let’s say you need a new living room set, you’ve made an initial deposit of $25 and are putting away $300 a month over twelve months. One year after creating your goal, you’ll have $3,625 and will have earned approximately $25 in interest over the course of that year, bringing the goal balance to $3,650. Now, if you take your savings out on a Macy’s gift card, SmartyPig will give you a cash boost of 12% (nearly $440), bringing your goal plus interest plus boost to $4,090 − some $465 more than the $3,625 you put away. Big bucks are that easy with SmartyPig!

SmartyPig Macy's

SmartyPig Retailer Logos

For a complete list of retailers, cash boosts and terms, click here. We will continue to add to this list in the upcoming weeks.

#2 – Split your savings up

Before today, when you closed your goal, you could only redeem all of your funds to one redemption option. But our new redemption program offers more flexibility, allowing you to parse out your savings goal among all three options! Do you need gifts from Barnes & Noble Booksellers and GameStop, as well as a ticket on American Airlines for the holidays and want FREE cash in your pocket? No sweat. Want to put the rest on your SmartyPig MasterCard debit card for added flexibility? We’ve got you covered. You may also transfer all or portions of your goal electronically back to your checking or savings account. Here are screenshots from the new redemption process:

> Step 1: Overview

SmartyPig Goal Closed: Overview

> Step 2: Select Retail Cards

SmartyPig Goal Closed: Retail Cards

>Step 3: Transfer to Debit Card

SmartyPig Goal Closed: Debit Card

>Step 4: Transfer to Bank Account (ACH)

SmartyPig Goal Closed: Bank Transfer

>Step 5: Confirmation

SmartyPig Goal Closed: Confirmation

#3 – Additional recurring contribution options

The date that scheduled transactions occur has been moved from the funding source to the goal itself. In addition, we have added three new recurring contribution options. We still have the monthly option, but we’ve gone ahead and added “twice a month,” “every 14 days,” and “none.” What’s that all about? Well, if you want to contribute monthly for a baby on the way and every payday for an upcoming vacation, you can do it. Or if you want to use SmartyPig simply as a gift registry for your honeymoon, so you can get a cash boost for a great trip but don’t want to contribute at all, just set up your goal, skip putting your own money in, drop a widget on your wedding Website and let your friends and family members carry the day!

SmartyPig Frequency Options

In addition, you are free to set your own recurring amount or let SmartyPig recommend one for you.

SmartyPig twice monthly

#4 – Transfer funds from one goal to another

Have your goals changed? Have you found out that new washer and dryer set is on sale for $850 instead of a thousand? (Not including the cash boost from SmartyPig!) Have a few friends put you over the top of your goal, and you have something left over? Now you can simply move money from one goal to another without stopping and starting over again.

SmartyPig Transfer Options

We hope you’ll share in our excitement as we continue to strive to be the leader in smart saving and smart spending. Over the next few months we’ll make even more announcements regarding further improvements and partnerships. In the meantime, though, please keep letting us know how to make SmartyPig better. And please tell your friends.

Thank you!

Michael Ferrari, co-founder