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Enhanced Privacy Settings

Today we updated our “notifications” section on the site. “Notifications” has now been renamed to “Messages” and we’ve enhanced our email privacy settings. The enhancements are based on specific feedback from customers over the past 6 months.

SmartyPig: Messages Overview

Effective today, you can now specify whether you wish to receive standard or detailed emails from SmartyPig.

SmartyPig: Messages Preferences

Select “Standard” and SmartyPig will send you a generic email alerting you to log in to your account to view the important information. Once logged in to your account, click on the “Messages” tab to view the unread message.

SmartyPig: Details

Select “Detailed” if you would like to receive the important information in the email itself. For all our current customers, “Detailed” is what you’ve been receiving from SmartyPig all along.

Hope you enjoy this added privacy feature. Stay tuned as we will be releasing more updates in the coming weeks.

Thank you!

Mike Ferrari, SmartyPig co-founder