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New Home Page, Videos and More!

This week we launched a couple new updates to the site that we wanted to let you know about. First we updated the home page and included links to new video tutorials.

SmartyPig: Home Page

The new videos do a great job of highlighting the many unique benefits of SmartyPig, like how to create a new goal, share your goal and redeem your goal. The videos are also located in the “Features and Video Tutorials” page and on our new YouTube Channel.

SmartyPig: Video Tutorials

We also included a new field in the goal creation process, that if you choose to share your goal with friends and family, you can include a goal description as shown below. For more information on how to share a goal on SmartyPig, click here.

SmartyPig: Goal Description

And here is how it will look on your sharing page. Remember, friends can find your sharing page by entering your email address on the “Find Friends” page located here.

SmartyPig: Goal Description Sharing Page

Thanks and don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime.
Mike Ferrari, SmartyPig co-founder