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SmartyPig Saved Me in a Pinch

SmartyPig saved my behind in a big way this winter. I’d been saving for a down payment on my first home.  It’s something I had been working on for less than a year, but with almost $7,000 in the bank, I was making some headway. I work in a call center, and while job security is typically good, my company had just been purchased by a competitor and rumors were flying that lay offs were on the horizon.

Unfortunately, the rumors turned to truth a month later when I found myself jobless and looking for quick work. While also being a college student, my bills were high and my skills weren’t quite yet where they needed to be. It took almost 3 months to find new employment. Luckily, I got by each of those months by careful planning, budgeting, and (sadly!) dipping into those funds I had saved with SmartyPig. It wasn’t my intention to use that money to cover me in my time of need, but I’m sure glad I had it. My only alternative would have been my credit cards.

I’m not back working, and socking away even MORE into my goals each month. Thanks SmartyPig!

-  Genevieve

  • Muriel

    That’s awesome! I love Smartypig. I definitely continue to grow my emergency fund goal every year.