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“Race Out of Debt” – Win Thousands! Contest Update

SmartyPig - big contest

Over the past seven days, our contest has helped thousands of current and new SmartyPig customers create goals, as they look to reverse the credit-card mindset of “buy now, pay later.” We are hearing stories of remorse and optimism. We are seeing the SmartyPig story spread far and wide. And everyone (us included) is anxiously awaiting the live Iowa pig race to take place on September 28, 2010, as one lucky contestant will “Race Out of Debt” with nearly $5,000!

There’s still plenty of time to enter! See full entrance details and rules here:

  • fairydust

    I’m in! Thanks for such a fun/great contest!!

  • Shayna

    I’m in, too!! Excited to start a new goal and see the piggy race results next week. Thanks for making saving so much fun :)

  • renada

    I entered in the race on Thursday, and have not recieved a email of my entry, I did recieved a email saying I setup the account, is that all i will recieve.



    You will not receive a receipt of your contest entry, the active “Race Out of Debt” goal means your are officially entered.  :)

    Good Luck!

    Sarah Foss, SmartyPig Public Relations & Social Media

  • pili

    Howdy, last week I entered in the contest”Race Out of Debt” & also couple days ago,I make a comment on this blog about the contest,but I didn’t see my comment published.
    I did received an e-mail acknowledge me I opened a new goal……….hopefully I enter!

  • Bacon Chaser

    What a great weird contest!!! Where is the youtube video of the actual pig race?

    I’m imagining these finalists riding their pig, trying to steer or even stay on the pig or even get the pig to go!!! :) Pigs are really smart animals; hence … SmartyPig!

    “Each finalist will be assigned to a live pig at the SmartyPig racetrack that will be entered into the “Race Out of Debt” pig race.”