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Get Up to $1,000 for Referring Friends to SmartyPig

We know you love SmartyPig. Now you can tell your friends how great it is AND earn money!

For each friend you refer who sets up an account and goal, you will receive $10! We will reward you for up to 100 friend referrals. That’s $1,000 toward your holiday shopping, winter vacation or other existing SmartyPig goals.

If you are ready to share the program with your friends and family that offers a high interest rate on your savings, up to 14% cash back from top retailers, and an industry leading prepaid card with no monthly or maintenance fees and huge benefits without the headache of credit card debt, follow these simple steps:

1. Login to your existing SmartyPig account.

2. Click on the “Refer-a-Friend” link at the top of your Dashboard.(You can’t miss it. We promise.)

3. Input your friends’ email addresses. Blast away.

When they start a goal, you get paid! It’s that easy!

Thanks for spreading the word!

The SmartyPig Team

  • Joanna

    I wish this option existed earlier! I’ve referred most of my family already! Bummer :-(

  • Darien

    I would love to participate in this promotion as I think SmartyPig is great! Problem is, there is no way to personalize the message my friends get to let them know my personal experience. I’d love to see some sort of affiliate type link that we users could get for promotions such as this and let me tell my friends about SmartyPig and have them click on a link specific to my account so you know who I sent and I get credit if they sign up.

    It is inefficient (and annoying to my friends) to get email from someplace they never heard of attempting to get them to try a service. ESPECIALLY telling them I gave out their email address. Sorry, but I choose not to participate in this way.
    Do an affiliate link program for raving fans of SmartyPig and I’m all in!

    • Sarah Foss


      This is wonderful insight into our program. We really appreciate your thoughts and will pass these on to our development team.

      Sarah Foss
      SmartyPig Public Relations & Social Media

  • Danelle

    I agree with Darien, but instead of choosing not to participate I shared this blog with friends via a facebook message and told them my experience and to let me know if they’d like a referral. It’s not ideal as they may not ask me for a referral once they check Smartypig out themselves, but it’s something.


  • Josh Lawson

    You guys should create an affiliate program so that when we mention you guys on our blogs we can get some referrals out of it.

  • Matt

    I sent this out to some of my friends who had not joined up…The link that SP sent out for them to join kept asking them for my referral code? They never found it, so I will not be getting any credit for these?

  • Sandra

    Sarah, has SP come up with an affiliate program/link yet? Would love to start recommending your terrific program!!

    Thanks :-D

    • Sarah Foss

      Sandra, we are all over it! I hope you present you with one soon.

      Sarah Foss
      SmartyPig Public Relations & Social Media

    • Cass2361

      Don’t see that there are affiliate links yet, or even a link instead so that we can share on FB pages. Looks like this was brought up a while ago, but still only option is email which I do not like to do that way.

  • Amanda

    What would be nice if we could get a personal URL, that if someone used it and signed up, we would get the reward. That way I could refer facebook friends and twitter followers without needed to know their email address. It would open smarty pig up to a greater number of people!

    • Sarah Foss

      Great suggestion Amanda, thanks!

      Sarah Foss
      SmartyPig Media

  • Gail

    Yes would be good, for SP aussies as well.

  • Katie

    I agree 100% with Amanda, my friends don’t like to be annoyed with messages to their personal accounts but by posting a URL on my facebook page, more of my friends my join as well.