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2010 April Twitter/Facebook Contest Winners

Today we found our winners by picking from the pool of correct answers to the following trivia question: SmartyPig gift cards come in 4 denominations, what are they? Not one wrong answer was given, seems as though everyone knows that you can get a gift card in the amount of $25, $50, $100 or $500.

We had about 180 answers, randomized to the top 20 and picked 3 winners:

Congrats to our winners: @natalietejeda, @jojoG522, @jackjohnson41

Thanks to everyone who played and good luck in next month’s contest. Just so you know, here are the top 20:  artificialrobot, wmharp, JenniferRyther, B_PhotoStudio, mikesum32, havana@ (Facebook), Juan_Medina@ (Facebook), AngelaDRC, dcmassar@ (Facebook), XineSoundclas, AdaliaDavis, RoboJenny, lvmuir@ (Facebook), j_hollender, jmccarthy300, parterburn, tanyahkeith@ (Facebook)

  • Katrina

    Just wanted to say i’m glad to see SmartyPig keeping up with their blog. Not many of the social PFMs and similar sites do that, not since 2009. While it seems these companies seem trustworthy still, as a communications/SM geek I cringe when I see someone who claims they work in the SM space, and dont keep up with their blog (or Twitter yikes!)

    Also kudos that the CEO himself writes on here and responds directly to community questions.

    I’m seriously attracted to your product. I’m trying to find out whether I’ll have a problem withdrawing to deposit in a SmartyPig account from my Bank of America account. I make many withdrawals already monthly for bills, etc. Heh.