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How Far Does Your Dollar Go?

Stretching the dollar


My dollars go far, in a matter of speaking. As a resident of Iowa, our cost of living and goods is lower than the majority of the country. Yahoo Finance did a study this summer on what $100 would get you across the country. In Iowa, It’s $112. In California, it’s $88. We’ll forget for the time being that California has more sunshine than any other state, when it comes to dollars and cents, Iowa is close to tops.

Some might jump to conclusions and claim members of states like my own spend less money, and save more. Fact of the matter is, states with higher values typically pay higher wags. And in the end, it all works out. Whether your dollar is eighty cents, or a buck and then some, it’s important to keep your spending in check and your saving a priority.

Wishing you successful saving.

Sarah Foss, SmartyPig’s Media Mad Woman,

Back to School Savings



Next to Christmas, no other time of year will break the bank like back to school shopping. Experts estimate shopping to again be in $650-$700 range. And it’s not just paper; it’s clothing, shoes, back packs, jackets and more. MSN Money sheds some light this month on how you can really make the most of your back to school wardrobe this year.

Everyone loves a good do it yourself project. Get creative with ways to repurpose clothing you already have or stretch those summer clothes into the winter months; dresses with leggings for girls and long sleeve T-shirts under your son’s favorite summer short sleeve T. Don’t forget to browse sample sale websites for deals and second hand stores, as well. Lastly, put technology to work for you. Many stores have mobile applications allowing for discounts that can sometimes save you half off! Two for the price of one? Don’t mind if I do.

Have fun with your back to school shopping this year, and save big while you’re at it!

Sarah Foss, SmartyPig’s Media Mad Woman,


How Are You Using Your SmartyPig?

Are you stuck in a savings rut? Need a new idea for a savings goal? Let these users inspire you!

  • Tropical vaca! – Krissy
  • Black Friday! – Sarah
  • I get 2 weeks off for Christmas. Last year with my Savings I went to Colorado! This year somewhere tropical been saving all year! Very excited – Karla
  • Paris! – JoAnn
  • A Mac book pro and a family vacation – Bianca
  • Dog/Cat Vet Fund, Ikea Stuff, and Big Goal Tiny House and buy land oneday. – Tiffany
  • Wedding! – Teresa

It’s Back to School Time

Screen shot 2014-08-10 at 2.03.03 PM

School is almost in session. And with that first bell comes the average family’s $689 worth of expenses to get back-to-school ready. Before you drain your pocketbook, though, check out the cost-saving opportunities you have with SmartyPig, like our dozens of retailers offering up to 11% Cash Back. We have back to school favorites like Staples for notebooks and pencils and tons of cost-saving clothing spots like Old Navy, Gap, and Sears.

Get the most for your money when you go back to school with SmartyPig!

Good luck with your goals!

The SmartyPig Team

How Are You Using Your SmartyPig?

I live in the city and have been trying to decide whether I need a new car or not for my outdoor adventures (some sort of four-wheel drive hatchback?), since I mostly bike around the city now. I set up a goal for a car over a year ago though, so if I do end up wanting one, I’ll be ready.- Katelyn

I’m currently saving for a car at smarty pig should be ready in 2017 can’t wait not sure what type of SUV will buy with it though. – Bianca

My SmartyPig savings will be for my graduation trip I want to take next summer – Ariel

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