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How Are You Using Your SmartyPig?

My christmas fund is in place and we decided on a Disney vacation fund! Six ppl camping out at Disney! I smile when I see that debit in my checking acct! – Brandi

A trip to Europe for my 30th birthday! – Sandra

Next year is our 20th anniversary. I started a goal to spend it in VEGAS! – Sharon

A fall shopping fun. I’m on the path to losing weight and want a new wardrobe next year to show it off! – John

What Will Your Refund Buy?

SaveWhile we’re only half way into the tax return season, the IRS notes paying out $125 billion dollars in returns and processing 50 million tax returns. Even better, 83% of those individuals have qualified for SOME type of return. The average refund is $2,800, but the IRS expects that to crawl slightly just like it did last year.

$2,800 is a nice start to a vacation, a get out of debt payment, or a safety net for an unforeseeable emergency. Over two-thirds of Americans opt to to have their return directly deposited into their bank account. My family chooses to take that return right out of our checking account and pop it into a new SmartyPig goal. It’s like the money was never there, and in a better place – collecting interest, getting me closer to a beach and fruity drink in hand.

How will you save your return this year?

Sarah Foss, SmartyPig’s Media Mad Woman,

America Saves, Take the Pledge

America Saves Week is off with flying colors. I’m finding more great articles than I can read encouraging American’s to save more, assess their spending, and my favorite; take a pledge. The experts behind the “holiday” encourage savers to hold themselves accountable. And the best way to do that? Write it down. Commit. Take a pledge.

Interested? Check it out here. Identify the saver (you), list what you’d like to save for, and commit to the amount you’ll put forward each month to reach your goal. It’s genius and easy. And we really like it, because it’s exactly what you’re doing here at SmartyPig, except you’re putting your money where your mouth is and you’re taking that monthly or weekly withdrawal and putting it towards something. You’re watching your savings grow and you’re getting closer to a vacation, a safety net, or even just a new T.V.

We challenge you to take the pledge this week and open a new savings goal with SmartyPig!

Wishing you successful saving.

Sarah Foss, SmartyPig’s Media Mad Woman,


America Saves


What is America Saves Week? It’s almost as celebrated as the holidays are here in the SmartyPig office.

American Saves Week  is “an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status.” Say the folks at the center of it all. So whether you’re a saves week veteran or your new to the holiday this year, take some time and assess your financial situation.  Look at your bills, asses your knowledge, set some goals, and get inspired. Financial outlets all over the country will have stories to inspire you and kick you into gear. Be sure to check out the SmartyPig blog while you do so.

Get to saving, America!

Sarah Foss

SmartyPig’s Media Mad Woman,

How Are You Using Your SmartyPig?

I was completely new to SmartyPig when the bottom fell out. I had been saving a very small amount in my typical bank accounts, but nothing notable. Then crisis hit. I had a medical emergency and follow up needs that completely drained all the money I had. It took a while to get back on my feet, but when I did, I knew I had to save so this type of heartache didn’t happen again. I’m now saving for two emergency savings goals. I hope I don’t need them, but they’re there if I do! Thanks SmartyPig! – Sandra

I’m saving for nothing in particular. I like the interest rate A LOT :) – Denise

I’m saving for car repairs. There is nothing more I hate then draining a $500 on car needs. – Sarah

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